Reminder Service

Someone once asked me, how do I always remember everyone’s birthday? Easy, by diarising EVERYTHING! From the date itself, the milestone that year and separate reminder to buy or send, especially for the overseas ones. Make sure you don’t miss another important date again!

Gift Selection & ordering

Choosing gifts can be hard. Whether it’s a thank you card, a token gift or a more memorable or landmark occasion, I have a little black book of both local and bespoke suppliers I can call on. Let me take the stress and hassle out of sourcing the perfect gift. 

Research & Booking of Travel

Last-minute work arrangements, a weekend away or a family holiday. I can research options, check availability and make bookings on your behalf. 

Renewal Comparisons

Ever auto-renewed because you kept meaning to check prices, but ran out of time? We all have. It doesn’t need to be a regular occurrence though. Start as you mean to go on. As well as comparing the price now, I can set up reminders so that going forward, we can proactively check long before it has a chance to auto-renew.

Home Office Management

I predominantly work virtually but I will also do site visits when required. So if you need your filing brought up to date or overhauled, we can make sure that’s done and review or set up your systems to take you forward.


Business Support