Business Support

Email Management

What exactly is email management?

It’s as much or as little as you want it to be. I understand that it takes trust and faith to hand over access to your inbox. Our whole life is in there! Effectively, it’s the inbox concierge service you need, to allow you to get some structure and time back in your life.

Are you drowning in emails?

There’s nothing I love more than the challenge of getting an inbox to Zero! I will reply to your emails in a timely manner with the focus always being on delivering the best customer service. I will also:-

Detox your inbox, deleting old and unnecessary messages

Set up follow up systems to help you respond to your clients

Develop inbox rules to help automatically sort your email

Generate a professional branded email signature

Create canned responses for quick and seamless replies to your messages


Document Creation & Formatting

Creation of polished and professional documents every time:-

Documents created in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Workspace, Canva or Adobe

PDF versions as read-only or digitally fillable available




Inter-Company documentation

Standard Operating Procedures


CRM Management

From setting up to maintaining, I’ve used a range of different systems including Hubspot, Capsule, Arkflux, and Agile.


Website Updates

I not only run my own website on WordPress but I manage clients too. I’ll make sure your plugins are regularly updated, Publish Blog posts, update content, add in special offers, availability and booking options.