The online or virtual working sectors across the globe are currently believed to be worth in excess of $5 billion, and the demand for outsourcing continues to grow. In the current climate, businesses are keen to focus on saving costs and streamlining their business processes more than ever before. This means that Virtual Assistants with a range of useful and efficient skills are high in demand by small and fast growing businesses.

I offer an all-encompassing, administration and back office service to small and medium businesses, that offers you the flexibility of an hourly rated service and competitive rates that can grow with your business demands.


Why Above & Beyond?

My main client base are small to medium sized business’, start-up business’ and sole traders; struggling with the administrative workload. That could be due to seasonal peaks, staff shortages, sickness or due to a sudden growth or steadily increasing backlog.

Lack of time, interest, and/or knowledge, in the administrative areas of the business, often puts some of the laborious administrative tasks to the bottom of the pile. I am here to help free up your time, to enable you to focus on more revenue driven activities or give you back the time to allow more of a work-life balance.

My services offer the flexibility of having an efficient and reliable team member, whilst only paying for the hours needed, and without the hassle and costs associated with standard employee overheads.


What are the Benefits?

I offer a cost-effective, “pay as you go” solution to your admin needs. I’ll be a member of the team as focused and dedicated to your business as you are. You’ll have on-hand expert support as and when needed, without the extra overheads regularly associated with employing additional staff.