Above & Beyond Admin Services

Back office administration functions are often time-consuming and require organisation, and attention to detail in order to complete them accurately and effectively.  Your teams may find these tasks distract them from the key deliverables of their roles. Some extra support means you know they get done, and your teams can concentrate on delivery and their key strengths, whilst I use mine.

By outsourcing some of these functions to me, you are tapping into over 20 years of administrative and back-office knowledge, with a highly structured, accurate and dedicated work ethic.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA, is a remote worker, often working from their own home, as a self-employed worker. As a business owner myself, I have an excellent understanding of how to both set up and run a business.

A  VA is there to provide you with support in the areas of business that you need the most. That can be with business processes and systems, technical support, more creative tasks or even life admin. Whatever is holding you back, holding you up, or you just keep putting off, now’s the time to get it outsourced and get it done.

Why Above & Beyond?

I have a broad experience of administration and EA skills.

All the services are tailored, if you have specific systems or functions that need to be completed I can visit you to agree on a tailored solution or use systems or files on your site.

I offer an hourly rate based service, giving you the flexibility to have work completed when you need it, without the additional overheads when you don’t.