Helping service-based professionals bring their marketing and back-end systems in line with their high-quality delivery to elevate client experience, build their reputation and increase their impact.


We’re told to ‘eat the frog’. But, honestly? There are days when I’ve thought, screw the frog. I don’t even want to look at the pond!

It’s hard. Even the busiest of business owners can still feel lonely. You’re tired of spinning all the plates by yourself. You wish it could feel easier.

Let me tell you; it doesn’t have to be like this.

Through my range of business support services, I’ll help you address the issues that are holding you back. Optimising your systems and processes, we’ll make the day-to-day feel much easier, allowing you to focus on creating an incredible experience for your clients that is sustainable and can grow.

Hi, I’m Lisa

Business support partner and right-hand woman to incredible coaches, consultants and service-based professionals.

Above and Beyond Virtual Admin Services

Women just like you.

  • Who are so suffocated by the day-to-day firefighting to keep the business functioning that they can’t address the tasks that are critical to moving the business forward.
  • Who are caught up in analysis paralysis, making it difficult to forge a clear path forward.
  • Who are so busy with client delivery that it’s stopping them from implementing what they need to grow their business.

Sound familiar?

Then let me help you…

Regain your focus and find the clarity you need to make the positive changes your business requires, so you can grow personally, professionally and financially.
Grow your business with ease and get back that work-life balance that’s been missing for too long now.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing support, project implementation or ad-hoc assistance, I’m here to help you fall in love with your business again!

Want to find out more? Check out my ‘Services page’ for more details.

Lisa goes that extra mile for her customers, and it shows time and time again. Your hard work and what you achieve for us every day is amazing.

Christine Ross

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Above & Beyond Admin

Above and Beyond Virtual Admin Services


Above and Beyond Virtual Admin Services


Above and Beyond Virtual Admin Services


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