Type of Client:

Self-Employed Plumber

Tasks Performed:

Accumulation of expenses and completion of his annual tax return.

Client Benefit:

It was his first year of being self-employed under the CIS Scheme. He had been told to keep his receipts, but that was as far as any record keeping had been maintained. I explained the self-assessment process, including accounting for his PAYE for the same tax year, and demonstrated how to record his expenses going forward. I then completed the tax return on his behalf, resulting in a 3-figure refund. Going forward he now has the knowledge and confidence to complete his own accounts, and submit them to me at the end of the financial year, so I can confirm and file the self-assessment on his behalf.

Type of Service Package:

Virtual Assistance and face to face – I talked through and demonstrate everything in an initial face to face meeting. I then ran everything remotely, sending updates and forwarding copies of all documentation onto my client.