Type of Client:
International Logistics Company

Tasks Performed:
Assist with Invoicing, weekly and monthly internal and client reporting, uniform the SOP system, and AEO Auditing.

Client Benefit:
They needed regular assistance, without employing a full-time member of staff; someone who would focus on these vital administrative tasks, without
getting pulled into operational or customer handling rolls. Not only did this allow us to clear the backlog that had started to build, but also focus the time solely on what was required. This has resulted in both bringing it back up to organizational standards, but also costs savings in potential overspending; For example, whilst handling invoice preparations, I also scrutinized the incoming costs and found one supplier to be overcharging by more than £2,000 in the first month alone.

Type of Service Package:
On-Site & Virtual Assistance – After our initial meeting, we outlined the required monthly hours. Most tasks can be completed remotely, however, due to the sensitive nature of some of the client information being handled, I work on site 1 day a week to protect the security of that data. I also use separate devices for these tasks. This also gives the staff on site a chance to update face to face on specific clients, and pass on any ‘overflow’ workload that can be handled that day; for example helping catch up with invoicing, in particular around month end.